ObenUp.com is a fun online resource for people to voice their ideas on how technology can be enhanced and improved to meet their unique needs and desires. At ObenUp.com, every user has the opportunity to simulate what it's like to work at a REAL start-up company--you get to pitch your own ideas, use your Oben dollars to invest in others' ideas that you think could change the world, and ultimately have the chance to contribute to the realization of some of your ideas in actual products that OBEN will produce. Here at OBEN, we believe in the power of every voice, and ObenUp.com provides YOU the chance to bring an idea to life, no matter your background, education, age, focus in school, or field of work. So - what are you waiting for, it's time to Oben Up, because Your Voice Matters.

OBEN is a speech technology company based in Pasadena, CA, just miles from the world-renowned California Institute of Technology. OBEN works out of the Idealab offices, and consists of a rapidly growing team of highly skilled speech researchers, engineers, and computer scientists. OBEN is honored to be advised by many of the preeminent scholars in the speech recognition and natural language processing research fields. The goal of OBEN is to bring speech technology to the consumer by facilitating a link between cutting-edge, state-of-the-art speech technology and user-friendly, intuitive applications that will enhance the lives of people, everyday.