[Image: Learning Music With Your Favorite Artist]
Hours to go

Learning music is a very popular and desirable pastime. This said, learning a new instrument is like learning a new language, for it is not only a long process, but also requires a lot of practice. To make this experience faster, more interactive, and more enjoyable, we can incorporate any musical artist's voice to guide the user along. The goal is to work with a music learning application and incorporate the vocal technology to enable any artist's voice to speak the teaching commands. For example, if one is learning to play the guitar, we could utilize old recordings of Jimi Hendrix's voice to teach specific chords.

  • [Image: JacobBarnett]

    Jacob Barnett - 2015-06-30 10:23:06

    I really love this idea. It makes learning anything really easy and fun!

  • [Image: Nathan]

    Nathan - 2015-06-30 10:56:22

    I would love to hear some tips on playing guitar from Jimi Hendrix or Freddie Mercury.

  • [Image: mcandioty]

    mcandioty - 2015-07-01 09:40:29

    Nial, this such a great idea! This would inspire so many young artists to reach their full potential!