[Image: personalized voice in GPS app]
Hours to go

Any person can create his/her audio avatar using ObEN app. I will ask my girlfriend to create her avatar for me if it doesn't take her more than 3 minutes. Waze has an agreement with ObEN to allow me to change the voice of Waze to her voice. It will be even better if ObEN allows people to pay for the voice that they like. Maybe I and my girlfriend can sell our voices to friends and other people.

  • [Image: nikhilrj]

    Nikhil Jain - 2015-04-29 01:59:50

    I love using Waze. But am bored of the same old voice guiding me every day. Good idea of having some custom voices of my choice guiding me. cool idea!

  • [Image: Nandos]

    Nandos - 2015-06-30 10:17:47

    Waze is a great app, bringing customized voices would essentially promote the popularity because people do get tired of hearing the same monotone voice.