[Image: Reminders]
Hours to go

Reminders are what help us get through our daily lives. One can input reminders into their phone or computer and pick either periodic reminders or one-time reminders. Such as a daily alarm clock at 7:30 or a lunch at 12:30 with a friend. Then depending on the urgency or mood surrounding this reminder, one can select any voice they like to speak that reminder to them. For example, in the morning, one may have the soothing voice of Adele waking them up. Also, the user can signify the importance of a reminder and depending on the urgency, they can be given a warning ahead of time.

  • [Image: Nandos]

    Nandos - 2015-06-30 10:22:48

    Being reminded by a daily voice of things you need to do would provide more productivity and help you get things done without forgetting.

  • [Image: marismvp]

    marismvp - 2015-06-30 11:36:31

    I like this one. If Zac Efron was reminding me to do my homework... I'd be sure to do it

  • [Image: mcandioty]

    mcandioty - 2015-07-01 09:35:39

    This such a great idea, Nial. You are so smart and pretty