[Image: Slowing Speech Down]
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When going abroad, one may understand a few of the foreign terms spoken, but when in public it can be very difficult to piece together what is being said. Using an application which takes speech and slows it down, one can more easily piece together different words and figure out what is being said. Also, with elderly people, it is sometimes difficult for them to understand speech in a seemingly normal speed. Thus, using the application we can slow it down for them and amplify the volume to make it even simpler to understand what is being said. The overarching goal is to take any language and slow it down to let people understand more fully what is being said.

  • [Image: Nathan]

    Nathan - 2015-06-30 11:01:42

    This sounds like a wonderful idea. I, myself, tend to speak farely fast and when traveling to a foreign country, I'm sure this would help the countries residents understand me better.