[Image: Talking Doodle]
Hours to go

Do you ever wish you could talk to a drawing, or a picture? With the Talking Doodle, you can now! Users are able to upload a picture with a face on it, or make a simple sketch on the app. Then, they can choose to manually identify the location of the mouth, or have the system automatically detect it. Users may choose which voice they want the doodle to talk in, and can train that avatar or drawing to talk ad have conversations with the user. The purpose of this application is to allow users to have basic conversations with a drawing of their choice.

  • [Image: nikhilrj]

    Nikhil Jain - 2015-06-07 10:15:16

    I love this idea! Good luck with the project. I am in!

  • [Image: Nandos]

    Nandos - 2015-06-30 10:20:03

    I love this idea, drawings coming to life and talking to you would be a fun loving way to be interactive with your creation.