[Image: Use Your Voice in EA Sports Games]
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The future of sports games is to immerse the user into the game. With our technology, we can let the user both communicate with their team with commands, and also let the players in the game talk in whatever voice they want. For example, in career mode in NBA 2k 15, the user can utilize any voice they want rather than the one monotonous voice given in the game. Also, we can incorporate our technology into the voices of the commentators and now anybody can commentate the game, from your own voice to Brad Pitt. Another facet where we can bring our technology to is the after game interview in these games. In most games, nowadays, there is no post-game interview, but using our technology, we can not only have them, but also let the athletes speak in their own voices. Also, during the game, the user can hear the players speak to each other like they would in real life. For example, Peyton Manning yelling the call at the line of scrimmage.